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By the s, the ZSU was not viewed as a favorable battlefield implement on any level.

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The ZSU "Shilka", a radar-operated tracked anti-aircraft system, was made available in and was soon to join the existing formations of ZSUs then in service. By the time the ZSU was available in quantity, the role of the outmoded ZSU was extremely limited and all were outright replaced within the Red Army.

Some hulls were still in use for tank driver training in the early s while other ZSUs were sent into storage, used as live fire targets or sold for scrap. Some were further modernized with radar by their new owners to help extend service lives amidst the changing face of modern warfare. East Germany became the first foreign operator of the Soviet weapon system and these served until the late s.

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North Korea may be the largest modern operator of the type to date with some vehicles delivered. Though originally designed for combating aircraft, the ZSU proved quite handy in support of infantry actions. Used in both roles during the war, the type was fielded by North Vietnam and saw first actions in and later featured in the Ho Chi Minh Campaign. With close-up views of the key features of each machine, including its variations, markings and modifications, customising and creating a model has never been easier.


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Search: Search. Su Self Propeller Gun. The SU is a Soviet self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, armed with two 57 mm autocannons. In the USSR it had the unofficial nickname "Sparka", meaning "pair", referring to the twin autocannon with which the vehicle is armed. Publication date:.

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The preparation and delivery of fire are maximally automated. The Lotos system will be furnished with a mm gun as its basic armament, while its artillery round will be heavily upgraded to be slightly behind the mm shell by its firepower. Along with the Lotos system, Russia is developing a Zavet-D new artillery fire control vehicle.

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Both systems will feature the ability to be transported by military transport aircraft and air-dropped by a parachute. Multiple blasts at Kristall plant, a military explosives manufacturing unit located in central Russian town of Dzerzhinsk on Saturday afternoon has left 79 Injured, according to the Russian media. The plant, founded in Soviet times and known as the Kristall scientific institute is one of Russia's developer of explosive technology for military and civilian use.

go to site Russia will offer customizable Mikoyan MiG fighter to the Indian Air Force IAF which is looking to acquire combat aircraft to supplement its depleting fleet of fighters. Russia is open to the idea of integrating additional advanced weapons, local weapons and RDOVT engine to provide super maneuverability to meet with the IAF's requirement, idrw.

Despite opposition from Moscow, Ukraine's Ukroboronprom has decided to pitch for Indian contracts for the supply of components and repair Yuri Slyusar, recently appointed President of Irkut Corporation, Russia commented on the structural changes in his organization and the impact